Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Day 2 Reflections

On day 2 we meet our project mentor who walked us through about digital imaging and thaught us more detailed information about our project, it was really interesting and difficult to come by for a University Prof. to talk to us face to face and guide us on our project . In the afternoon we had the Applied Project Challenge, we were seperated into groups of 3s and 4s to do our research. The good thing about the group work was that everyone of us were focus on our work and everyone were able to do their part. The bad thing was that we thought that we have finished our research but when the teacher assistants came around and asked us some questions, we were not able to answer them. I realised that we did not do enough research and just jumped to the next part which was incorrect of us. Overall I felt that we did a decent job today and I have also learnt a lot of things such as teamwork that I can apply on my future other projects such as ISS.

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